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The Social Gist Project aims to give a voice to individuals who have been affected by the hardships of life, but whose stories often go unnoticed by the larger public. We are inviting people to participate in an interview, in which they will have the opportunity to share their experiences, thoughts, and perspectives on this issue.


The interviews will be conducted in a confidential manner but will be used in a public-facing format in order to raise awareness and promote understanding of this issue.


Your participation in this interview will not only help bring visibility to an important issue but also can inspire others and can be a way for you to be heard. It's an opportunity for you to make a difference, and we would be honored to have you participate in this project

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Why This Project?

The "Social Gist" project, is a qualitative journey that aims to gather personal narratives and life stories from a diverse group of people in order to gain insight into their experiences and how they relate to larger social issues.

We want to bring to the stage these complexities to understand how individuals make sense of and navigate their worlds, and how these experiences are shaped by larger social and historical contexts. The stories and perspectives gathered through this project can provide valuable insight into how people from different backgrounds and walks of life understand and experience different social issues.

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